/ 9 June 2021

THE BICOL University on Monday warned the public against individuals posing as officials of the school and soliciting money.

University President Arnulfo M. Mascariñas particularly warned individuals who have transactions with the school to be vigilant against posers.

Mascariñas said that he did not issue any order seeking money from anyone.

“We would like to inform and alert everyone who might have received solicitations allegedly coming from my office, requesting financial assistance from our suppliers and those who have direct dealings with Bicol University. I have never authorized any and all forms of financial collections from our suppliers and those with existing contracts with Bicol University,” he said.

“Please be careful of people using my name on behalf of any solicitations (in cash or in-kind) or that of the Office of the President, Bicol University,” he added.

Mascariñas urged the public to report to the university if they encounter people involved with the illegal activity.

Cases can be reported directly to his office or through the Bicol University official Facebook page, he said.