/ 12 March 2021

THE ATENEO Universities in the Philippines expressed support and solidarity with the people of Myanmar who continue to stage protests weeks after the coup mounted by the military junta.

“To our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, we are at your side, united in the defense of your freedom. As one family in Southeast Asia, we are with you in your noble fight to win democracy back,” the Ateneans said in a statement.

“Believing in the power of collective diversities, we as ASEAN citizens, must generate our unified torrents of moral energy and rally behind the democratic aspirations of the peoples of Myanmar,” it added.

The universities denounced the reinstallation of military rule and the systematic violence inflicted against the demonstrators.

“As Myanmar’s brothers and sisters, we call for the cessation of these atrocities. The people’s right to peaceful assembly must be fully respected without threats of reprisals. We strongly urge that all political prisoners be released at once and this manifest viciousness exhibited by the military must stop now,” they said.

The Ateneans urged the ASEAN community to promote non-violence that would benefit all of humanity.

“Recognizing the sovereignty of Myanmar, we firmly believe in ASEAN’s capacity to creatively provide avenues where all parties, in the spirit of dialogue, are able to peacefully settle the disputes even within member states,” they said.