/ 6 August 2020

ARELLANO University has announced on its social media pages that it will provide internet connection to all students as classes shift digitally this school year.

AU said the units will be used for its Pegasus Learning Management System, the school’s flexible learning scheme.

“AU’s PLMS is a dedicated, custom-made, and strictly exclusive blended learning platform based on the tradition of academic excellence of the school. As a stand alone blended learning platform, its dedicated servers ensure accurate, fast, effective, and reliable delivery of instructions to all its users by bringing the classroom to their homes,” AU said.

Passwords for the plug and play modem which can accommodate up to five users will be given to the students upon enrollment.

“All students must be officially enrolled for them to qualify for the FREE internet connectivity of the PLMS. Upon official enrollment, provided passwords will allow them to avail of the FREE Globe Prepaid Wi-fi modem plug and play kit that allow five-user connectivity in their home.” AU added.

The modems will have a free initial load of 10GB, part of which will be locked and will be exclusive for the PLMS.

“The kit comes with a Local Area Network port carrying an initial load of 10 GB for free. Thereafter, the user shoulders 4 GB per day, which is allocated and locked daily for the PLMS to ensure students remain engaged with their studies. Any excess over the 4 GB per day is free for other applications outside PLMS,” said AU.

College and graduate school classes for AU start on August 24, 2020.

K-12 classes will begin on August 31,2020.