/ 4 November 2020

THE ARELLANO University announced that it will grant students residing in areas under a state of emergency an ‘academic freeze’ privilege to help them cope with the devastation brought by super typhoon Rolly.

The university said that it made the decision after receiving requests to change its academic policy taking into consideration the effects of the typhoon.

However, it said that the privilege will only be granted to students residing in areas declared by the National Disaster Coordinating Council under a state of emergency.

“Due to requests from those severely affected by the devastation brought about by super typhoon Rolly, an ‘academic freeze’  will be granted to students currently residing or living in the disaster areas or under a State of Emergency as defined by the National Disaster Coordinating Council,” the AU said on Facebook.

“Please get in touch and register as soon as possible with your homeroom teacher/adviser, principal or academic dean if you are seriously affected or deprived of telecommunication facilities to log into the Pegasus Learning Management System for your lessons and schooling,” it added.

The registration will be until November 11,2020.

Some students suggested that the academic freeze should apply to all.

“Academic freeze for all students na lang, ‘wag na kayo mahiya fleece,” one said.

“Unfair for those persons who have been experiencing an internet connection problems. i hope that AU will grant an academic freeze for those students that experience internet connections problems,” another added.