/ 2 November 2020

THE APAYAO State College urged members of its community to discuss their problems especially if these had to do with mental health.

In a shared post on Facebook from the ‘BelievePerform’, a website developed to focus on all areas of sport psychology, the ASC said that hiding one’s mental health problems can worsen the situation.

“Because it is okay not to feel okay. Because talking about mental health shows great courage. Because it is okay to show you are struggling or want some help. Because there is nothing to be ashamed of,” it said on Facebook.

It said that talking about mental health shows great strength, as records showed that one in four individuals has experienced a mental health problem.

The post targeted both teachers and students, who face various challenges posed  by distance learning and the Covid19 pandemic.

There have been reports of students committing suicide allegedly because of the financial, emotional, and psychological impact of distance learning.