/ 3 January 2023

THE ATENEO de Manila University paid tribute to Dr. Mari-Jo Panganiban Ruiz who passed away last week.

Ruiz, a professor emeritus of Mathematics, died at the age of 79.

Ateneo said Ruiz has been with the university since 1965.

She served as chair of Mathematics and Management Engineering, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and member of the Board of Trustees.

“In 2014, she received the Lux-in-Domino award, – a testimony to her being a light to others, an inspiration that kindled the lights of many others to shine brightly for many more,” it said.

“After her tour of duties as administrator, she continued to teach, research, and mentor. She also explored artistic creativity through her sketches, ‘mathematical art, and paintings,” it added.