/ 13 July 2022

ATENEO de Manila President Fr. Roberto Yap deplored the harassment and intimidation of prominent historian Ambeth Ocampo following his response to “history is like chismis” remark last week.

In a memorandum to the university, Yap said that Ateneo stands with Ocampo as well as other historians and academics “in the face of a sustained campaign to malign their work and their reputation.”

“Ambeth has, for years now, been the nation’s most distinguished historians, and we are proud to call him one of our own. His track record speaks for itself: a sough-after professor and lecturer, columnist, and author renowned the world over for his knowledge and insights into many aspects of Philippine History,” Yap said.

“But despite this, he, like many others who fight to preserve facts in understanding our nation’s story, is now subject of harassment, attacks, and intimidation just because he is standing up for truth,” he added.

“We condemned these attacks, not just because it maligns Dr. Ocampo, but because it severely undermines our battle against historical distortion and disinformation,” Yap said.

Actress Ella Cruz earlier drew flak online for likening history with gossip.

Cruz said that she respects everyone’s opinion about the Marcoses but that history has been filtered to suit one party.

Ocampo, in response, posted a statement on Facebook saying “gossip” should not be confused with “history.”

“Don’t confuse History and chismis. History may have bias but it is based on fact and opinion. Real History is about Truth not lies, not fiction,” Ocampo said.