/ 19 November 2021

THE ADAMSON University’s Association of Civil Engineering Students called for an academic break to give the community a breather.

The group said that students are showing signs of burnout and exhaustion which could lead to mental issues.

Aside from a wellness break, the group called for a refinement of the Flexible Learning Guidelines to ease the learning burden on students and faculty.

AdU-ACES said that professors are also weighed down by their workload.

“They are victims of this mess, too. Imagine people who were once like us in front of their screens for long periods of time, thinking of how to implement the syllabus in a fast and effective fashion, burdened with what the system requires them, and leaving less time for their families for even a simple bonding. Yes, we are not alone in our problems. They, too, are suffering,” the group said.

“What we want to change are not the students, not the professors, not even the administration of the university. It’s the system, the system that set this heavy burden to all. How can we put our best in taking part of this quality education if the system is broken, after all?” it added.