/ 5 August 2021

ACTRESS Alexa Ilacad caught the attention of netizens for graduating in college with a general weighted average of 1.0 or ‘flat uno’.

On August 2, Ilacad shared on Instagram that she will finish a Marketing course at Treston International College’s School of Business and Technology.

“Last hoorah for my last term in college. I am over the moon as I type this right now but finally, I am graduating!” Ilacad wrote in the caption of her graduation photo.

“Despite all the obstacles thrown my way, I was determined to finish strong. I came, I studied, I conquered!” she added.

Many were quick to congratulate Ilacad, considering her a “real-life Bobbie” from the movie Four Sisters and a Wedding.

“Wow, grabeeeee! Beauty and Brain!”, “Yaz go Bobbie!”, and “Matalino talaga. Panindigan mo ‘yan Bobbie! Wohooo” were some of the comments posted on social media.

In 2020, Ilacad portrayed the younger Bobbie in the prequel of the film who was depicted as an academic achiever.

Ilacad also thanked those who greeted her.

“My heart is filled with so much joy & love because of your sweet comments and messages. This is a very proud moment for me & I also take so much pride in being @trestonph’s student. I AM FINALLY GRAD-WAITING!!!!” she said.