/ 28 December 2022

FOUR learners of the “Adopt-a-Student” program of the Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs Office of the University of the Philippines Diliman will receive financial assistance for Academic Year 2022-2023.

A group of alumni from UPD School of Statistics provided the financial support last month.

UPD said two juniors and two seniors from STAT will receive a P5,000 book allowance and a monthly stipend of P5,000 for 10 months if they will enroll in the midyear term.

“The generous P260,000 donation was from the UP School of Statistics Alumni Association Inc. through their UPSSAAI Financial Assistance Program. It is a grant-in-aid program exclusively for STAT students who are either in junior or senior standing and are from a low-income group,” it said.

“The funding was coursed through the Adopt-a-Student Program, which is implemented by the UPD Office of Scholarships and Grants of the OVCSA,” it added.

The program is exclusive to low-income students who may have lost other grants “due to academic standing or other matters, or those whose current grants/benefits are not sufficient to cover their needs.”

Since 2013, 331 students have received financial support from some 30 donors through the Adopt-a-Student Program.