/ 12 February 2022

STUDENT artists will help renovate the Philippine School for the Deaf, the only government-owned institution for the deaf in the country.

Fourteen students will transform the dining hall of the new PSD dormitory into a multi-purpose environment for the deaf through the project “Pandama: Resonating with Silence.”

The team, led by Celiza Sim, is composed of Erika Ordinario, Tala Gil, Kim Guinto, Kyrah Sy, Patricia Pesebre, Michaela Mandap, Millicent Go, Nina Rubio, Jermela Munji, Aundrea Bunyi, Michael Vazquez, Mica Tempongko, Jasmine Sy, and Mark Arana.

They will transform the 89.1-square-meter facility into a modular learning, dining, and lounging area for 50 PSD students.

The space will be equipped with rhombus-shaped tables, mobile benches with pull-down drawer storage, and a bespoke folding counter.

Writing boards, floating shelves, and built-in cubby holes will be among the wall-mounted fittings.

Munji said that the goal was to design a space that is inclusive to its users.

“A space that understands, a space that motivates, a space that is limitless. Pandama’s vision is to amplify sensory reach through design interventions permitting the hard of hearing to connect with the space and with one another,” Munji said.

The project is expected to be completed in March 2022.