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12 November 2021

This upcoming November 13, and December 11, 2021, and on February 19, 2022, the University of the Philippines Reserve Officer Training Corps will celebrate its 100th year anniversary with the public through a series of webinars on the core lessons taught by the UP DMST.

Under the tutelage of the UP DMST, UP ROTC cadets and cadet officers train in the art of leadership and military efficiency as they imbue with them a sense of patriotism and civic consciousness. It is this very spirit of learning and discipline that has molded the past and present leaders of the nation, with the names of Manuel A. Roxas, Carlos P. Romulo, and Colonel Antonio R. Buenaventura dotting the three columns of the Shibboleth wall: Duty, Honor, and Country.

As the UP DMST nears its centennial anniversary, these very principles will be celebrated through a webinar series that shall not only highlight the UP DMST’s hundred yearlong service to the nation, but also empower the public on how they can be active agents of change in the betterment of their communities and the nation.

This webinar series shall convey to the community that through guided mentorship and an ever steadfast adherence to the maxims of ‘correct and Dutiful leadership, upright and Honorable conduct, and selfless service to the Country’, untapped potential is to be realized. It shall highlight the hundred years that testify to this truth and shall impart upon the nation and the youth the lessons of a century of DUTY well-performed, HONOR untarnished, and COUNTRY above self.

The schedule of the webinars are as follows:


13 November 2021 – TUNGKULIN: Pagtatangi sa Kalinangan ng Paglilingkod 11 December 2021 – DANGAL: Pagdakila sa Isang Siglo ng Karangalan
19 February 2021 – BAYAN: Sandaang Taon ng Paghubog sa mga Bagong Bayani

You may register for the first webinar through the link below: https://tinyurl.com/TUNGKULINRegForm

You may also check out our official facebook page for more details about the event! https://www.facebook.com/updmst.pugay

You may also reach us through our official email! [email protected]