Bulletin Board


/ 14 January 2021

The University of the Philippines Open University opens its admission applications for the 3rd trimester of the academic year 2020-2021 and for the first semester of 2021-2022.

The UPOU offers undergraduate, graduate, certificate, graduate diploma, masters, and doctorate degree programs for students who wish to study on a distance learning modality.

Professors are equipped with world-class digital tools and the highest degree of UP-quality education for its students to excellently graduate the university and immediately be absorbed by their field of choice in the near future.

Admission to the UPOU is open to Philippine-based and offshore-based applicants, foreign nationals, and undergraduate transfer students from another UP unit or university.

Any person seeking admission must satisfy the minimum requirement specified in the program applied for and must not be a current student, whether enrolled or on residency, LOA, AWOL, of another university of college.

They require submission of hard and original copies of all admission requirements.

Take note that for foreign nationals, the university could not assist in the issuance of Student Visa because of the aforementioned that courses are delivered remotely and digitally.

For more information, you may visit its website at https://registrar.upou.edu.ph/admission/.

Application period for the 3rd trimester of 2020-21 is until February 26 (for Associate in Arts and bachelor’s program) and until March 25 (for other degrees). Meanwhile, the deadline for the 1st semester of 2021-22 is until May 31 (across all programs).