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/ 8 January 2021

University of Trento in Italy recently announced that they are one of the partner institutions for this year’s 2-year Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees Program.

As mentioned in the Erasmus website, EMJMD composed of highly-integrated international study programs with excellent academic content and methodologies leading to the awarding of either a double, multiple, or joint degrees.

Students will have a chance to finish his or her master’s degree in one of the prestigious universities in the European Union, including UniTrento.

They may apply to its recently opened Erasmus+ Scholarship Program to ease financial concerns while completing their graduate degrees.

Qualified applicants that will choose to study in UniTrento shall receive additional subsistence of € 1,000/month, travel and installation costs (to be determined), and other participation costs (to be verified upon enrollment).

Scholars may also choose between the following options:

IMSISS – International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies

Students of the International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies examine a broad range of contemporary security challenges, such as terrorism, civil war and conflict, mass migration, energy supply security, cybersecurity and new technologies, transnational and serious organised crime. Students also explore the intelligence and strategic approaches used by governmental and non-governmental actors to combat these threats.

UniTrento’s School of International Studies delivers a semester of teaching on the “Causes of Conflicts” study track (Pathway B). The IMSISS consortium also includes the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom, coordinator), Charles University (Czech Republic) and Dublin City University (Ireland).

LCT – European Master’s Program in Language and Communication


LCT provides students with profound knowledge and insight into the various disciplines that contribute to language and communication technologies and it strengthens their ability to work according to scientific methods. Practical knowledge is acquired by choosing appropriate combinations of modules in Language Technology, Computational and Theoretical Linguistics, and Computer Science. LCT is designed to meet the demands of industry and research in a rapidly growing area, offering education and training opportunities for the next generations of leaders in research and innovation.

The partners are UniTrento’s Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, Saarland University (Germany, coordinator), University of Malta (Malta), University of Lorraine (France), Charles University (Czech Republic), University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and University of Basque Country (Spain).

ME3+ – European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of

Environment and Energy +

The European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy + is an innovative Master programme combining Energy and Environmental Process Engineering with Management and Social Sciences, as well as Information and Communication Technology.

UniTrento is involved in the study track 3 “Project Manager in Smart Cities and Industry 4.0” with the Free University of Bolzano, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) and IMT Atlantique (France, coordinator). The University of Borås (Sweden) is also a partner in the project.

Interested Filipino graduate students may visit this website for more information: https://international.unitn.it/incoming/erasmus-mundus.