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13 November 2021

We’re gonna rock and roll ’til we stop. Here we go! Ekonomistas are on the road!

Roll in! Despite the enormous number of uncertainties brought to us by the COVID – 19 pandemic, we still managed to rise to the occasion and did an excellent job in surviving the first year of our online set-up. Definitely, nothing is a piece of cake but with perseverance, we know we can conquer what’s still coming for us. With the utmost support of our families, friends, professors, and classmates, we will be able to stand strong and face another journey of our academic year. Of course, this would not be a success without one’s sacrifices and willingness to surpass underlying challenges and to prepare themselves stronger for the next academic year.

With that, the Economics Research Society is excited to invite you to its event titled: Totally Economists! : General Assembly and Freshmen Orientation, on November 17, 2021 at 1:00 in the afternoon via Zoom and Facebook live. The event is open to all PUP Economics students and faculty. Moreover, this will serve as the first virtual social gathering of the students, faculty and alumni speakers for the academic year 2021-2022.

“Madami po akong ineexpect since first GA po ito ng freshies at EconRes. Isa na po rito ‘yong mas marami po kaming malalaman pa about PUP, its colleges, and facilities po. Ineexpect ko rin po na marami akong magagain na knowledge and info that could help me as a freshman in the university” Moises Caleon, a freshman from BSE 1-1, enunciated as he look forward to the event.
In line with this, the event includes respected and successful alumni such as Mr. John Alexander Fellizar, a market research consultant, Mr. Aljon Patrick Acupan, a researcher in Action for Economic Reforms and Mr. Danilo Belo, president of College of Social Sciences and Development Alumni Association. It goes to show that the wealth of their experiences, as alumni of the PUP Department of Economics, will be helpful in guiding our future ekonomistas in achieving success in their profession. Every word counts so don’t miss the chance to enjoy and learn from their stories!

We may experience bumps along the roads, but this must not stop us from doing what we need to strike the jackpot. Being an economist is challenging; yet, it is fulfilling. Therefore, get the ball rolling, Ekonomistas! Make this as your first start to know your classmates, professors and other economics students in the department. Prizes and vouchers are on their way, so invite your friends to join and have fun in this wonderful event.

For questions and concerns, you may contact us via email at economicsresearchsociety@gmail.com or message us on Facebook: Economics Research Society

See you there!