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22 March 2022

On March 4, 2022, Alexander James O. Soriano was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Based on the studies of his doctors, 3 out of 5 kids with this condition are capable of surviving. Let’s help Baby AJ in conquering this challenge and be one of a kind survivor!

Baby AJ’s family displayed no history or trace of leukemia. The hereditary element of his condition was then ruled out. He was initially provided with a pneumonia booster on his leg muscle that made him weaker and unable to walk. His laboratory results also manifested a low platelet count which is crucial for his underlying medical case.

The medication process is a long way to go, at least 2-3 years as per the advice of the doctors. Baby AJ’s treatment will cost a sum of 100,000 for the first cycle of chemotherapy and another amount for the recurring treatments that will help him towards full recovery. Additional financial assistance to cover the swab test, transportation, and other prescriptions are also considered.

Thankfully, Baby AJ had a positive response on the initial medications and treatment provided. The doctors have also noted a positive sign especially that his condition was detected earlier and cancer cells on his body could still be eased. Another affirmative clue towards Baby AJ’s healing is the absence of lumps and bruises as this details that his condition is not as severe as terminal cases. Upon the first dose of prescriptions, his platelet counts spiked, further entailing that his body is responding well.

Let us help to bring back the smile on Baby AJ’s face by extending our hands and opening our hearts! In the end, a micro-effort filled with love and compassion will have a macro-effect on Baby AJ’s rise in championing the fight against leukemia.

For financial assistance:

Joycelene O. Soriano
Account number: 9035764408
Alexander James O. Soriano
Account Number: 9035848660