Bulletin Board


23 March 2022

Last March 19 of 2022, from the lion’s den into your homes, The Repvblic, The Political Science Organization of San Beda University, together with their media and organizational partners presents their very first online senatorial forum, ‘The Senatorial Archives: Legitimacy of the Legislators’, as one of its key events in preparation for the 2022 National Elections.

Truly, The Repvblic does not leave no stone unturned. Controversial questions were asked, and 26 bold and brave senatorial aspirants answered headstrong. Professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in certain fields of economics, education, politics, good governance, and public administration were invited to help the electorate assess who among the senatorial candidates deserve a seat in the Senate.

Today, our country is facing countless problems such as economic recession, social poverty, political turmoil, and health challenges. With these outpouring issues, we need leaders who can provide viable and long-term solutions through legislation. Hence, it is much an imperative to know and recognize such platforms several senatorial candidates have to offer. In order to combat the aforementioned issues our country is experiencing.

In addition, the forum seeks to emphasize the principle, “Voting is a right, not a privilege, and it takes tremendous knowledge for one to do so”. One of the key elements of a democratic government is to have a system wherein we certainly choose government officials through free and fair elections. Since in essence the electoral process cannot generate without the voters; and it is an important mindset that all citizens of the country, upon reaching the age of eligibility and its supplementary requirements, must be able to exercise their right to vote.

This series of interviews greatly portrays the unity in diversity of the Filipino youth in terms of social awareness, and community engagement that would further contribute immensely to nation building, as it highlights how the Bedans answer the call of the community through acts of service to achieve the common good senator.

Stay tuned at The Repvblic’s Facebook page for the posting of all 26 raw interview videos of each senatorial candidate!