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17 October 2021

Waking up to the same routine of online classes and virtual meetings. Almost two years where everything is online and our homes act as the center of most of our activities. It can be mentally taxing as it continues to blur the line between work and rest. With the uncertainty of what tomorrow might bring as the cherry on top, we inevitably get unmotivated and tired.

“How many more cases are we going to get today?” “When can I see my friends again?” “Will we be okay?”

These questions all seem too familiar as it plagues our minds day and night. At first glance, they seem so simple but they actually hold so much of our worries. It goes to show how much the pandemic requires us to be in check of how we are feeling. Although our personal schedules may say otherwise, it is really important to pause and unwind for a while. It is not a case of acting lazy, but it is actually being responsible by taking good care of ourselves. Remember: resting is productive as it makes us physically and mentally ready to tackle all the tasks ahead of us. Failing to rest and continuing on being productive sets us up for burnout.

Mental well-being is just as important as physical health. Oftentimes, we neglect our mental health because we believe we are fine. However, we work best when we are fully rested, refreshed and are mentally healthy to handle the next challenges. Mayhaps reading this can entice you to treat yourself to some healing films?

UP Behavioral Sciences Society opens its doors for the Samu’t Sari Shorts: A Film Forum on Filipino Mental Health on October 30, 2021 from 2pm to 5pm! Featuring heavily awarded Cinemalaya short films, Samu’t Sari Shorts is a must watch for everyone who needs some time off. Explore Planet I with Arjan through Arjanmar Rebeta’s An Sadit Na Planeta, find out how the father and son’s relationship progress in Josef Gacutan’s Wag Mo ‘Kong Kausapin, and see the details of an interesting documentary in Arby and Christine Laraño’s Ang Meron Sa Wala. Get ready to sit back and relax as we dive through the inner works of a Filipino’s mind through the eyes of visual artists. Register now through this link: https://tinyurl.com/SamutSariShortRegistration