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28 April 2021


UPM JMA (University of the Philippines Manila Junior Marketing Association) is the sole and premiere marketing organization of UP Manila. We create avenues of personal and professional growth for students through projects and training programs that give them hands- on experience in marketing, personal branding, and even entrepreneurship. We are a non- stock, non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-political organization.

About the Event

The Virtual Career Fair (VCF) is a four-day career assistance and development conference aiming to reinforce undergraduates’ soft and hard skills, improving their standards of professionalism as they pursue their future careers. The VCF will consist of sessions that will provide an opportunity for the participants to explore and learn more about specific job industries. Speakers comprise professionals from different companies of various job fields, to whom participants may learn from their expertise, culture, and experience.


“Breakthrough: Conquering New Heights, Navigating New Horizons” primarily conveys the development of the participants towards achieving their career goals. With undergraduate students as participants, pathing closer towards the working life is a whole new world and experience. Consequently, with our current situation in this pandemic, the job market is, indeed, new. Therefore, this Virtual Career Fair aims to aid its participants in conquering these new heights and navigate through these new horizons, in order for them to reach their own breakthrough.

Why Do We Need VCF?

The pandemic has brought immense challenges to today’s young adults, which resulted in limited—if none—opportunities for people all over the country to execute their abilities and to contribute to society and alike.

To lessen the anxiety from the sudden change in the job market, we decided to conduct a virtual career fair to equip the current undergraduates with the skills required for career growth. The virtual career fair would serve as an avenue for individuals seeking career development and are still discerning their future career paths. As part of the youth that is about to embark on the professional world, we must be globally-competitive and equipped with the necessary skills and perspective that will allow us to adapt to the changing career paths ahead of us.

Objectives of VCF

  • Prepare the participants on how to effectively write their resumés
  • Recommend tips and the necessary skills for a remarkable virtual job interview
  • Have an overview of the current job market, given the New Normal situation
  • Provide information and insights on specific job fields
  • Lay out the available job opportunities for participants who are undecided about their career path

What to Expect

We have tailored each day into an industry-specific event:

Day 1: Basics of Application

Day 2: Health Sciences Industry

Day 3: Marketing and Advertising Industry

Day 4: Art Industry

Each day will have a total of 2 main sessions. Day 1 will have two (2) main talks from invited speakers and a workshop that will allow you to put your resume-making skills to test. On the other hand, Days 2-4 will cover tow (2) main talks and one (1) supplementary session each day. Supplementary sessions will walk you through our speakers’ company’s background, application experience, work culture, and their own experiences as employees.

General Program Flow

Day 1 | Jumpstart: Get Ready for the Corporate World

Build your CVs and learn from experts on how to ace your very first job interview.

Talk 1: Crossroads: Discovering The Elements of a Good Resume

Find out the Dos and Don’ts of resume building and learn how these tips can elevate your chances of getting a job

Resume Consultation: Grab the chance to improve your resume writing skills by having resumes evaluated by one of the Philippines’ experienced global talent acquisition executive

Talk 2: Talk To Impress: Etiquette of a Good Virtual Job Interview

Learn how to appropriately answer common questions like, “What are your biggest weaknesses?” and “Why should we hire you?” in order to stand out in virtual job interviews!

Talk 3: Career Guide 101

Discover what coaching is and how this is essential in unlocking your potential

Day 2 | Lifeline: Transforming Minds, Saving Lives

Explore the nooks and crannies of the country’s health industries.

Talk 1: Higher Ground: On Being the People’s Choice

Unravel the secrets of sustaining the people’s trust

Talk 2: Looking Beyond Expertise

Explore one of the Philippines’ biggest health institutions, its values, philosophies and lasting impact

Supplementary Talk: DocTalks: Dealing with the New Normal

Equip yourselves with our speaker’s professional experiences and word of advice

Day 3 | The Playing Field: Venturing into Marketing and Advertising

Learn the secrets behind one-of-a-kind advertisements and redefine marketing campaigns through a social context.

Talk 1: Game Changer

Discover the importance of instilling rapport with clients

Talk 2: Breaking the Norm in Advertising

View advertising in a whole different leverage

Supplementary Talk: Crafting Future Idea Makers

Walk through our speaker’s company’s background, core values, work culture and own experiences as a professional

Day 4 | Specula: The Different Lenses of The Art Industry

Step into the creative world of the visual arts.

Talk 1: Reshaping Visions in Storytelling

Look at how the visual arts continuously thrive in this Digital Age

Talk 2: Happy Place: Designing the Employee Life

Find out what sets this graphic design platform apart from other companies

Supplementary Talk: Behind the Scenes

Take a sneak peek of our speaker’s background, acting career and own professional experiences in the film industry

Speakers for the Event

  • Paulo Tatad – Head, Strategic Talent Sourcing; Globe Telecom (Day 1, Talk 1)
  • Nicole Quiogue Golloso – Human Resources Manager; McCann Worldgroup Philippines, Inc. (Day 1, Talk 2)
  • Neil Soria – CEO; Sociov (Day 1, Talk 3)
  • Speaker from United Laboratories, Inc. (Day 1, Talk 2)
  • Gia Sison – Head of Wellness Center; Makati Medical Hospital (Day 2, Talk 3) *She’s also a health influencer on Twitter and she hosts her own digital series on CNN Philippines, G Talks which talks about life, love and anything mental-health related.
  • Chris Manguera – Industry Manager; Google Philippines (Day 3, Talk 1)
  • Dionie Tañada – Associate Creative Director; GIGIL, The Ideas Company (Advertising Agency) (Day 3, Talk 2)
  • Maureen Valenzuela – Chief Culture Officer and Managing Partner; Propel Manila (Day 3, Talk 3)
  • Kriz Anthony Gazmen – Business Unit Head; Black Sheep (Day 4, Talk 1)
  • Louigi Abelardo – Managing Director; Qadra Studio (Day 4, Talk 2)

Sponsors of the Event

  • Jollibee
  • Juicy
  • Katapult Digital
  • Oxecure
  • Patronus Candles
  • Rusty’s Oven
  • Phina’s Little Factory
  • Bubbly by Audrey
  • Oh La La
  • Grizzly Dough
  • Sushi Basket
  • B Coffee
  • Bobbleware


Attendees may register in the event through this link: https://tinyurl.com/VCFRegistrationForm

For more information about the event, visit UPM JMA’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UPManilaJMA