Bulletin Board


/ 21 February 2021

Youth Leadership for Democracy for The Asia Foundation is now accepting applications for its 2021 Leadership and Democracy Fellowship.

According to its website, the LEAD Fellowship is a two-year program specially curated for youth leaders from diverse backgrounds. The fellowship will strengthen their capacity to navigate, engage, and optimize platforms for democratic governance across all levels. LEAD Fellowship will provide full training programs with our esteemed partner educational institution, access to grants, network building opportunities, and participation in all YouthLed activities and programs.

YouthLed Chief of Party Ching Jorge invites the Filipino youth to participate in the program.

“We are looking for youth leaders from diverse backgrounds, particularly those who are active members of a private, public, civil society organization, educational institution, and community organization. We need champions of civic engagement, democratic participation, and activities for the benefit of the community,” said Jorge.

How to apply?

Applicants must complete the following requirements:

  1. Duly accomplished LEAD application form at bit.ly/LEADAppForms
  2. Updated curriculum vitae
  3. Concept paper of the applicant’s proposed project
  4. Budget proposal for the project
  5. Two (2) endorsement letters

The LEAD Fellowship Secretariat will evaluate the accuracy and completeness of each application. Only candidates with complete requirements will proceed to the next step.

After pre-screening, the applications will be reviewed and shortlisted based on the following criteria:

  1. Prospective statement (30%)
  2. Personal statement (30%)
  3. Project concept paper (30%)
  4. Character reference (10%)

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by a panel consisting of YouthLed’s partner organizations. Below are the selection criteria for the panel interview:

  1. Leadership values and experience (20%)
  2. Democratic values and experience (20%)
  3. Project concept paper (30%)
  4. Personal development (20%)
  5. Commitment and availability (10%)

The LEAD Secretariat will announce the names of selected candidates on its social media pages. Selected candidates will receive acceptance kits via email.

The leadership framework of YouthLed is grounded on democratic principles that translated its core values: pagtugon, pamumuno, and pamamahagi. These are the values The Asia Foundation want to inculcate in the leaders of tomorrow.

For more details, you may visit its website, youthledph.org, or its Facebook page, facebook.com/YouthLedPH.