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The public questions what really happened at the New Year’s Eve party where Christine Dacera was last seen alive with her friends. Police say there was foul play, but Dacera's friends dismissed these reports--and so does the Internet.

/ 5 January 2021

The police has seemingly presented themselves as “untrustworthy” state officials in the eyes of the public, judging by the many events that caught the ire of the people–before ending 2020, police officer Jonel Nuezca has been charged for shooting a mother and son in the head with no remorse. Another incident involving a 25-year-old man who was abducted and found headless in Cordillera was also allegedly linked to the police. And who would ever put the controversial Mañanita of high-ranking officials amid strict quarantine protocols at the start of the pandemic to rest?

Safe to say, with today’s “social media climate” and at the rate things are going, the police may not necessarily have high marks on public service and the Internet doesn’t seem to back down.

With the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) reputation tainted and put in question with these events, it is understandable how people’s “trust” of authority is also tarnished. Such is the case with the story of Christine “Tin” Dacera’s untimely demise. 

An employee of Philippine Airlines, the 23-year-old Dacera was found dead in a Makati hotel bathtub after spending the night with 12 of her colleagues and acquaintances–an all male group. According to initial reports, her body was brought to Makati Medical Center, where she was declared dead on arrival.

The authorities added that abrasions and hematoma were found on Dacera’s body, indicating that she was allegedly “sexually assaulted”. 

In a report, the police also claimed that the flight attendant’s case has already been “solved.” “POLICE SOLVE NEW YEAR RAPE-SLAY OF FLIGHT ATTENDANT,” the PNP said in a claim that made many ask what grounds where considered to declare the case solved when only three of the released persons of interest are apprehended and in custody and the others still at large.

Post lifted from PNP official FB page

One of the identified persons of interest, Valentine Rosales, appealed against the said report through his Instagram account.  He claimed that he and his friends are innocent and they were allegedly set up by the police. He also hinted that it was impossible for them to sexually assault Dacera for the group consisted mostly of gay men. 

“The truth will prevail, social media fabricates the story too much, I wish you were here, Tin! Sama-sama pa rin tayo. Alam mong ikaw ang tranny ng barkada and let us prove to them na walang foul play,” Rosales wrote.

“Absurd fake and disgusting, super imbento talaga ng social media. Ilabas niyo official copy ng autopsy report walang gumalaw kay Tin! Siya pa mismo nag book ng hotel under her name,” he added.

Rosales also stressed that Dacera died of aneurysm. “Nililito ninyo ang mga tao eh, imbento kayo ng rape ngayon lumalabas na ang initial findings na aneurysm talaga ang cause of death. ‘Yun din sinabi mismo ng doctor that day after ma-medical autopsy si Tin.” 

“PNP tama na [ang] kaiimbento please, ginagawa niyo tanga ‘yung justice system ng Pilipinas,” he said.

In a newer post, the PNP noted classifications to declare a case “solved”:

Image lifted from PNP FB page

However, newer developments about the case is now being unearthed, including an alleged copy of Dacera’s autopsy reportedly making the rounds on social media that confirms her death was due to “ruptured aortic aneurysm” and that there are no “semen” collected from the victim’s body, therefore showing no signs of rape.

Autopsy took over Twitter’s trending topic list late on Jan. 5, 2021 after the alleged copy of the report has circulated online

Dacera’s untimely demise opened discussions to a lot of issues–the country’s justice system, the continuing public woes on the police’s alleged ‘tanim ebidensya’ schemes, rape culture, and the approval of death penalty. The Internet, as is expected isn’t going to let alleged loopholes and confusion from the authorities slide. Here are some of their reactions and pleas for complete information:

As of this writing, no official reports have been made and shared about the said circulating autopsy report showing no signs of foul play. Meanwhile, a recent statement made by PNP Chief Debold Sinas made a resounding call to the list of names of “suspects” earlier identified and released to the public: “This is a fair warning. Surrender within 72 hours or we will hunt you down using force if necessary.” He furthered, “We know who you are. Your family must turn you over to the police. Those found to be abetting your escape will also be arrested.” It was reported, however, that this “ultimatum” was publicly made “with no warrant issued”.

Questions remain whether the initial police reports were true or fabricated, but here’s one thing we know for sure, with all new information surfacing, causing more confusion than clarity, the case is far from “solved”.


Article updated January 5, 2021. 10:32pm