Sports have always been an important part of life for everyone and it will forever be. Big fan or not, player or non-player, and wherever position you fall, it is undeniably true that sports will never be removed from any of us.

/ 31 December 2020

With things going on and while it might look like sports is gradually falling down the rabbit hole with its disappearance from the scene, 2020 has been nothing but full of surprises for us in the world of sports.

The pandemic unlocks all the things you never imagine will happen and more of what a person can do for the sake of winning. One thing to ponder on here is the issue of the Bicol-bubble of the Growling Tigers where Coach Aldin Ayo was forced to accept the indefinite ban given to him by UAAP officials.

I am no stranger to the topic at all, however, I am not also in the position to tell nor to judge the situation. Still, I will still convey some of my thoughts on the matter and will try my best to do it justice.

Coach Aldin Ayo was well-known for his deadly basketball program and his greatness for being the coach he is. Yet you will never see him in the same light again. His cruelty and self-centered-interest to make the basketball team a powerhouse definitely neglects the player’s health concerns while not ensuring the proper wellbeing of his team.

Players had to receive the bashful comments and more than that had even to transfer.

Moving on, it was just so good to see that even though the remaining days of UAAP Season 82 and NCAA Season 95 have been canceled, news about players, coaching staffs, and the likes continued to pop off keeping the readers well updated. 

Since the fans had nowhere to go with PBA and Chooks 3×3 had also to adjust their schemes, comes the perfect time to shift its eye on the Filipino players playing abroad.

We have Jaja Santiago one of the most dominating volleyball players in the country and Bryan Bagunas with his steering performance in the 30th Southeast Asian Games playing in the Japan V. League. 

Moreover, Kai Sotto, Jalen Green, Jack Animam, and Vanessa de Jesus toke the Filipino pride in the name of basketball. Add Jarvey Gayoso & Mar Diano for football, Alex Eala for tennis, and the chess player Wesley So who defeated Magnus Carlsen, the current World Chess Champion.

There are still a lot of notable players to mention, yet I will settle for them for now. You see, there are numerous talents hiding within. And these players only need the support, be it financially, mentally or physically. After all, Filipinos are known for doing and being the best in what they do.

And of course, I’m not going to let the Gilas issue slip on my hands as the performance of the young-cadets in the second leg of FIBA 2020 has been nothing but spectacular. They whopped the Thais with a margin of 32 points and 24 points in the first, second game.

Many had doubted their skills for only a short period of time was given to revitalize one’s zones for all sports competition has been halted at that time while PBA players are too busy finishing their bubble-season.

However, with the well-established name of the young cadets after taming the Thais, I still believe that pro-players will be much help from the Gilas team especially when they have to face a team a lot stronger than Thailand.

In addition, now that the physical sports had to shave some light on them, the E-sports came now into the scene.

Valorant rolled out in the country and set up a national student Valorant tourney via their Youth Esports Program’s (YEP) National Interschool Cyber League. And players from different schools from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao had even participated in the event.

Check out the Moblie Legends Filipino players too, Bren Epro for they emerged as The Nationals season two champions and will represent the Philippines in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M2 World Championships in Singapore.

As you can see somehow, something in between, in this year of 2020, seemingly E-sports became the new sports today or maybe I’m wrong.

Yet, it is never wrong to be cautious as one must recognize the enemy before him because definitely, e-sports will be the most significant rival of traditional sports leagues.

There’s still a lot of things to write about sports, but let’s just put a stop here. And the only thing that is sure for now is that wherever and whoever you are. Sports will always be there.

Just like a king to his queen, a puto to dinuguan, and alamang to mangga it’s just like sports to us—it can never be separated from one’s life.