The Bleachers


UE center Alex Diakhite will no longer be eligible to play for the Red Warriors after officially turning pro with the Dakar University club (DUC).

/ 8 March 2022

Diakhite debuted in a losing match against Seydou Legacy Athlétique Club (SLAC), 70-85, in the 2022 Basketball Africa League’s Sahara Conference held at the Dakar Arena in Senegal.

The Basketball Africa League is now running for its second season and will span from March to 15 where six teams from the Sahara Conference will compete in a round-robin system to earn a spot in the eight-team Playoffs in Kigali that will tip off from April 9-19 in Cairo.

The opening match was between DUC and SLAC where the former had the upper hand for the first half of the game and finished with 24-22 and 45-37 in the first and second quarter, respectively.

It’s a big career opportunity for Diakhite, who returned to Senegal two years ago, and tallied 17 points, three rebounds, and a steal in 24 minutes of play for DUC.

However, SLAC stole the control in the game in the third quarter as Mamadi Keïta never let go, pushing through offense and difficulty with defense from DUC at the fourth quarter, SLAC finished the game with a 15-point lead.

Meanwhile, with the said development, it meant that Diakhite will forgo the chance to play for Red warriors in the upcoming season for this year as he turned pro in the Africa B. League. 

Senegalese big man Alex Diakhite first played for Diliman College and then transferred to the Red Warriors UE in 2018.

The 6-foot-9 Diakhite recorded an average of 17.62 points, 13.69 rebounds, 2.31 assists, and 1.46 blocks, for his first year of playing with UE, and led to a 4-10 record.