Women's National Basketball League (WNBL) gave powers to its players by means of facilitating cohesiveness in the decision-making of the organization by adding them to the Executive Committee.

/ 16 April 2021

“The WNBL is their league that is why if we want women empowerment, we must walk our talk—we must empower them,” said NBL-Pilipinas executive vice president Rhose Montreal.

The players who are opted to facilitate strategic planning in accordance with the mission, vision, and values of the WNBL are Allana Lim, Angeli Gloriani, Raiza Palmera-Dy, Marichu Bacaro, Fille Cainglet, Adrienne Lualhati, Ays Hufanda, Krizanne Ty, Karla Manuel, and Carol Sangalang.

Also, completing the board members are Montreal, ambassador Kiefer Ravena, deputy commissioner Armando Guevarra, vice president for basketball operations Edward Aquino, 3×3 commissioner Haydee Ong, and Girls Got Game founder Krizanne Ty.

Acting on everyone’s responsibilities, the Executive Committee had its first meeting yesterday in which they discussed matters with regards to safety in the workplace and the conduct of professional players on and off the court.

In addition, Aquino affirmed that the meeting also talked over the technical matters on the 3×3 and 1-on-1 leagues that are set to happen within this year.

“The WNBL is just a platform but nobody will love this league and nurture it if not for the women who are part of it,” Montreal concluded.