Wesley So lands 1st in St. Louis Rapid & Blitz 2020, ties with Magnus Carlsen

Fresh from the triumph of 2020 Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX, Wesley So bags the 1st place in the St. Louis Rapid & Blitz 2020 together with the long-reigning chess world champion Magnus Carlsen.

/ 20 September 2020

The 26-year-old snatched the lead with 13 points during the third day leaving Magnus with one point in deficiency.

So ran into trouble after letting Carlsen slip and falling from first to second with a half-point lead.

With five rounds remaining, these two rivals met each other again but this time Carlsen defeated Wesley So in the direct encounter with half a point behind.

Yet, So sets himself to have a comeback.

He won his three final games and got the job done docking at the same place as Magnus.

“A very shocking day. I’d like to thank Ian [Nepomniachtchi], because he played very aggressively in our game and I offered a draw, but he declined. I wasn’t expecting anything, I was just hoping to secure 2nd place…,” So shared.

On the other hand, Magnus shared that he was not in his usual self during the last round.

“Today I was frankly not in good shape at all. I was extremely tired, I did not sleep well and did not expect to play even remotely well. With that in mind, I am pretty happy with the result,” he shared.

The joint winners, So and Magnus landed both for a 24.0 score and will take a cash prize worth 45,000 USD each.

Following their leads are Hikaru Nakamura, Levon Aranian, and Alexander Grischuk with a score of 21 and 18.5 for the last two, respectively.