After having a headway in the transition to be the PH’s first professional volleyball tournament, PVL’s Sports Vision President, Ricky Palou disclosed last Sunday, about a new development—the return of the V-League.

/ 18 November 2020

“The PVL is turning professional and that will involve our club teams as well as our two guest Armed Forces teams,” said Palou.

However, turning pro would mean that players are left with a decision to whether or not to lose their amateur status for the sake of turning pro. 

Nonetheless, the V-League had set up a resolution to solve this dilemma. 

Palou revealed that they are also bringing back the V-League as a separate entity to cater to the collegiate and amateur teams.

“We didn’t want to put the players and the schools in that situation. And that would have made the clubs suffer as well,” he affirmed.

Moreover, Palou who starred for the Ateneo Blue Eagles and San Miguel during his NCAA and MICAA days shared that hosting the V-League again, will be a catalyst to allow them to go back to their roots.

“As one of our Sports Vision partners, Tonyboy Liao likes to say, ‘this is where it all began.’ So we are merely keeping in touch with our roots,” he added.

PVL quarters to clubs; Creamline, Petro Gazz, Motolite, Choco Mucho, Banko Perlas, and BaliPure.

The V-League bolted from 2004 until 2016 and officially took over the Shakey’s V-League in 2017 that gave continuity to women’s volleyball and men’s volleyball through Spiker’s Turf—after the players’ collegiate careers were over.

To date, the league is batting for a return in action in February or March in 2021.

“Of course, when permitted by the IATF and with all the proper sign-offs by the member schools with all the necessary safety protocols in place,” Palou concluded.