Special guest license can’t assure Juan Gomez de Liaño’s collegiate eligibility as UAAP has the final say whether it will honor or not such license.

/ 28 October 2020

Juan GDL has been issued a special guest license from the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) for the Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas 3×3 professional league.

GAB Chairman Baham Mitra discussed that this is a way for non-pro players to be given the opportunity to play in professional leagues. 

Paano naman ‘yung mga gustong maglaro sa pro? So upon the prodding and request of some people, naglabas po ‘yung GAB ng special guest license,” Mitra explained.

“So they’re playing in a professional league, pero hindi po sila pros,” he added.

Eric Altamirano, the commissioner of Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas 3×3, had previously explained that Gomez de Liano and other players with special guest licenses will not lose their eligibility to play in their collegiate leagues.

“We have players who are under that status,” he said. 

“Meaning, guest sila sa pro league ng 3×3, so if they go back to their own amateur leagues, then they will still be able to play,” he further said.

However, in the eyes of the UAAP, which is not under the jurisdiction of GAB, Gomez de Liaño lost his amateur status the moment he set foot in the professional league. 

Thus, UAAP has the last say whether to give an exemption to the UP standout since he is playing under a special guest license.

“We don’t want to impose on the UAAP and the NCAA, they’re not under us, we respect them, we work with them, we look up to them,” Mitra said.

Pero pinapayagan maglaro ang amateur dito sa professional leagues to give them exposure. Believe it or not, when they go back to the UAAP or the NCAA, they’re gonna be better prepared, kasi nakaharap na nila ‘yung mga a little older, more seasoned players,” he propounded.

Mitra believes that special exemptions like this will only be beneficial to non-pro athletes moving forward.