Filipino Karatekas Junna Tsukii and Jamie Lim bagged silver medals in the 2021 Asian Karate Championships at Baluan Sholak Sports Palace in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

/ 23 December 2021

One step closer and both of them could have seized the gold medal but Tokyo Olympian Moldir Zhangbyrbay stopped that from happening, humbling down Tsukii in the -50kg women’s kumite event, 9-5.

“I am not satisfied with the color of my medal, but I am very happy that I was able to continue my challenge for the past year. Thanks for all the love and support!” Tsukii posted on social media. 

Nevertheless, the Fil-Japanese affirmed that “I have a lot of things to do again next year so I can’t stop yet.”

Lim, on the other hand, lost against Sarah Alameri of the United Arab Emirates, 2-1, in their -61kg women’s senior kumite clash. 

While the Karate Pilipinas President Ricky Lim said the two silver under the flag of the Philippines was plated like gold as well as the other four bronze medals—Sakura Alforte, John Enrico Vasquez, and Lemon Misu.

“I’m so happy with their achievements and I’m proud to say that for a small group of seven athletes, we bagged six medals in this Asian Championships,” said Lim.

“Jamie [Lim] and Junna [Tsukii] clinched hard earned silver medals. Unofficially, upon computing the wins we garnered, we think Junna is already qualified for the World Games and Jamie for the Premier League,” he added.