Support has been coming from all corners for Jack Animam, who embarks on a new journey with United States-based agency East West Private, including WNBA stalwart Imani McGee-Stafford.

/ 24 May 2021

Jack Animam recently inked a deal with East West Private, the same firm that handles the affairs of top Filipino prospects like Kai Sotto, Kobe Paras, Sage Tolentino, and Cholo Añonuevo.

Upon arrival to the States, everyone was hyped when the Filipina skipper entered the gym last Wednesday including Kobe Paras and Cholo Anonuevo.

“I don’t know who is more excited when she arrived? Coach Dante [Harlan] was amazed. He runs an incredible girls’ program, all D-1s, and the WNBA. The thing that was the most touching was that she was able to re-energize them and take them to a whole other level. The men that are on the court saw it. From Kobe to EJ [Kapihe] to Sage [Tolentino] to Cholo, Kai [Sotto] was even messaging, ‘Oh my gosh! I want to be there’,” EWP executive Patty Scott shared during a press conference last Saturday.

“Everyone wants to train with her. The excitement and energy she brought were just electrifying,” he added.

Animam became the first Filipina to join the US-based agency and is closing her shot into stepping onto the WNBA hardcourt.

Support has been flooding for the 6-foot-3 National University product since then including renowned agent Joel Bell who is burning lines to get Animam signed up with a team and Imani McGee-Stafford, a WNBA player and sister of NBA player Javale.

Imani, who was a recipient of the Honda Inspiration Award back in 2015, is a five-year pro—three in the WNBA—and is currently taking up law.

“I would like to add, there are a lot more others supporting her that we will save. I can tell you that when the agent Joel [Bell] comes on and speaks about conversations with teams about her, that’s a whole other level of excitement. I will also tell you that Imani McGee Stafford is very much supportive,” shared Scott.

EWP partner Maria Espaldon, who also vows to help out the girl players as much as they have been helping the boys’ side, also expressed her support and is hoping that Animam will become the first-ever Filipina prospect they can help among other Filipino basketball players. 

“I’m just happy that Jack is in Cincinnati. We are women. When the idea was first broached to us, we just quickly jumped on it. It was like wow, it’s a change! From Kai to Kobe to Cholo to Sage, etcetera. At first it was like Jack? At first I thought, lalaki ba ‘yun? And then I said, it’s Jack Animam! I’ve heard about her but I was never really got to know her. But when they said Jack Animam, I quickly said, ‘Oh my god! We want her!’,” Espaldon averred.

“We just want to help and make something happen for Philippine women’s basketball. Now, we’ve been asking Coach Pat [Aquino] how we can help,” she continued.