Troubled Greg Slaughter expresses his apologies to San Miguel Corporation President Ramon S. Ang and Barangay Ginebra governor Alfrancis Chua following his impetuous decision to step away from the PBA and his team.

/ 30 December 2020

Earlier this year, the former No. 1 pick surprised many following his decision to take a break from PBA subsequent to the expiration of his contract with the Gin Kings. 

He then spent most of his 2020 in the United States where he continued his training even signed with a high-profile agency.

10 months after his similar statement on his IG account last February, the 32-year-old big man is looking to clear the air with Ginebra after posting an apology on Tuesday while expressing his desire for a comeback for his team.

“My only regret is that the communication between myself and management, particularly Boss RSA and Coach @alfrancischua, did not go as smoothly as I would have wanted. I want to apologize to them and the rest of management for any misunderstanding or bad feelings that may have occurred because of my decision,” said Slaughter.

He cleared that his action to take a sabbatical was purely for self-improvement expressing the decision was to “take a break to be able to work on myself in all aspects.”

“My only wish now for the coming year is to leave that in the past and have the opportunity to suit up again for the best fans in the world. I have learned so much this past year and I am excited to show everyone that the next phase of my career will be the best one yet,” Slaughter propounded.

After returning to the country this October, Slaughter announced that he will return to the hardcourt which Barangay Ginebra head coach Tim Cone seconded that bringing the 6-foot-11 was one of their priorities following their journey of the 2020 PBA Philippine Cup.

“My intention was purely to improve myself both as a person and as a basketball player. Basketball has been my life for close to 30 years and I needed to step away for a while in order to start enjoying the game again,” he shared.

“The time away has made me a better person in all aspects and now, as a married man, I am very excited at the prospect of being able to play again,” the former Ateneo star continued.

Slaughter sets his retaliation for a strong comeback in his favored stage as he is confident that his training with Gary Boyson at the DME Sports Facility in Florida will take into shape, boosting Ginebra’s defense of the all-Filipino title in the new season, which is set to kick off in April—but first, he has to reconcile with San Miguel Corp.’s management.