With a lot of issues in esports surfacing, former lady tamaraw and volleyball star Rachel Daquis encourages female gamers to speak their hearts out.

/ 24 October 2020

The gaming and esports industry, besides being at an all-time high this quarantine, have substantial issues appearing on both sides. 

A lot of female gamers have experienced bullying, unwanted attacks, harassment, abuse, and even sexual attacks from other gamers which deters them from playing. 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, one with many aggressive gamers, plans to take its action in ensuring that players can have a safe place in the game. 

An advocacy called “Legendary Girls” has already surfaced in the industry which aims to value the inclusive space for female gamers.

Moreover, its goal is to put an end to gender stereotypes and style strains in gaming.

Tamaraw standout and ML gamer Rachel Anne Daquis, one among women who are active in influencing advocacies in sports, wants to help in producing the platform, and also to lend her voice for the cause. 

Alam naman nating lahat na naglalaro ako ng Mobile Legends, pero, at first talagang nai-intimidate ako maglaro non, and natatakot kasi feeling ko ‘yung game is panlalaki lang. But then, na-realize ko na kaya rin ng girls maging legendary,” Daquis said.

“The campaign aims to empower and encourage more women to play ML dahil kaya din nating maging MVPs and Legendaries,” she added. 

ML has already announced various in-game tournaments for ladies to participate with prizes and same level competition. 

The hashtag #LegendaryGirls, gives a common ground for women to discuss the topic with no setbacks and even encourages these ladies to open up, making them feel they are not alone in the battle. 

With this, ML hopes in constructing an eye-opener not just for female gamers but for all.