The Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) officials decided to join the election and formation of a new volleyball association that will be led by the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) next week, leaving behind the PVF’s President Edgardo Cantada disapproval.

/ 20 January 2021

President Cantada clearly rejected the proposal of POC calling it a ‘big farce’, especially noting the appointment of Ramon “Tats” Suzara as president and of Ricky Palou as treasurer.

“The conditions and parameters you set for the immediate resolution of the problem are unacceptable,” Cantada said in a post addressed to Tolentino. 

“We regretfully reject the solution that you propose,” he added.

Nonetheless, despite the rejected proposal of POC, the PVF officials have come to a collective decision and attended a meeting of volleyball stakeholders last Saturday which was represented by secretary-general Rustico “Otie” Camangian.

“It has come to our attention the PVF under Mr. Edgardo Cantada rejected the unification and win-win solution initiated under your leadership for the sport volleyball, a sport we love most,” said Hajan in a letter to POC president Abraham Tolentino. 

“We, PVF for Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon and Metro Manila would like to express our sincerest manifestation and support the unification for volleyball and requesting your leadership to consider our voice and participate in the open and transparent general elections,” he added.

Accordingly, last Sunday, Cantada expressed his dismay to know that  PVF, the Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas, Inc. (LVPI), and the newly-formed Alliances of Philippine Volleyball Inc. (APVI) would each get four slots on the board of the federation

With a heated turmoil, Cantada posted on Facebook that PVF has always been one organization that is keeping an open mind. As such, he discourages the actions of the PVF officials to represent its organization.

“I wish them well but I would like to remind them to refrain from representing the PVF in any manner from this date on. This serves as fair warning,” he concluded.