The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) has enforced stricter protocols for the playing teams in its 46th season.

/ 23 July 2021

Coaches are only allowed to take their masks off when giving out instructions, while players on the bench are compelled to wear them throughout the game. After speaking with their players, they are instructed to put it back on.

Only the 10 players who are currently participating in the game are excused from wearing masks. 

Teams that violate the guidelines will receive warnings during the game, but if they ignore the officials’ calls, they will be assessed a technical foul for improper bench decorum.

Upon arrival at Ynares Sports Arena, players will have assigned seats, which would be marked by their jersey numbers, in a pre-game arrangement that would be given.

Towels, water bottles, masks, and other supplies should be placed on the left side of the players’ seats, while their warmers should be left on their individual chairs as soon as they enter the game.