Onic PH punches their way into the upper bracket playoffs of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championships (M3) in Singapore, after topping the "Group of Death" with a 2-1 record.

/ 8 December 2021

Despite losing their opening match against mother team ONIC Esports Indonesia, Onic Philippines pulled off two statement wins against Malaysian contenders Todak and MPL Brazil runners up Keyd Stars in the so-called “Group of Death”.

Onic PH started strong with their campaign as Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol and Mark Christian “Markyyyyy” Etcobañez fished out kill after kills that went to a triple kill in the 10th-minute clash.

However, the Indonesian champions pulled off a monumental comeback as they boxed out the Filipino squad leading to a lord steal by Drian and a shutdown to Kairi and Gerald “Dlarskie” Trinchera that gave the win to their Indonesian counterparts.

The boys in yellow and black exact revenge after their deflating loss as they stunned Todak of Malaysia and Keyd Stars of Brazil to secure an upper bracket playoffs appearance. 

After a shocking victory that saw Vevo Keyd shock Onic Indonesia, Onic PH went with their double marksman setup of Beatrix and jungle Natan along with the debut of the Faramis in the tournament against Todak’s off-meta picks Cikugais’ Alucard for jungle. 

Allen Jedric “Baloyskie” Baloy’s Rafaela was also instrumental as he boosted Jaylord “Hatred” Gonzales’ Beatrix to go all out earning them some crucial pickoffs.

ONIC PH secured an early to mid-game advantage that eventually led to a needed win in the final clash in the 15th minute.

Onic PH and Brazil’s Vivo Keyd, later on, fought for the last upper bracket slot, as both remained with 1-1 records, with Onic PH coming out on top behind a dominant game that kept the MPL-Brazil runners-up to just one kill. 

Onic PH bucked on their signature banana split with Dlarskie’s Uranus along with jungle Aamon, sidelane Popol and Kupa, Rafaela and Pharsa against a pseudo-UBE Keyd Stars lineup powered by Mathilda and the Yi Sun-shin.

It saw the squad with aggressive kills, nailing a 3-0 trade kill at the 8th-minute mark and dominating a 10-1 in less than 12 minutes. 

Vivo Keyd could not keep up with Onic PH’s banana split-pushing game that eventually led the latter to secure the Luminous Lord to close out the game and place them atop the group of death. 

Onic PH now joined Blacklist International as it will face whoever ranks second in Group D on Sunday, December 12.