Maddie Madayag had finally broken her silence after incurring an injury amidst a severely compressed PVL Open Conference and brought sentiments for PVL to reassess and reconsider what happened to make use of it the next time around conducting the event.

/ 15 August 2021

The team captain of Choco Mucho, Madayag, used social media on Saturday to air and vent out things. 

“I am truly lost for words,” the former Ateneo star wrote.

“The body — no matter how healthy or strong — can only handle so much. It is unfortunate that despite the intensive strengthening and training done prior to the league had to be negated all because of a rushed schedule. It pains me to have incurred such a heartbreaking injury when all I did before the competition was to take care of my body to avoid getting hurt,” Madayag continued.

Regardless of all the preparations made during the offseason to avoid unfortunate major injuries, the teams were stunned because the schedule had to be compressed, demanding more games for contenders to play due to a shift to modified enhanced quarantine on August 15.

“I believe that the teams were put in an environment that was not conducive for any athlete, no matter how strong. 7-8 straight games of nonstop competing at a high level can definitely take a toll on one’s body” she explained.

“No athlete deserves to be put into the risk of injuries when there are other options to carry on strategizing which will benefit all and lessen the risk,” she continued.

While acknowledging how difficult it was to organize the PVL Open Conference, Madayag ended her post in hope that next time, “coaches’ suggestions wouldn’t be taken lightly. And that it wouldn’t have to reach to a point where a player/athlete has to be put in this kind of situation,”

With all that happened, still, Madayag showed gratitude for the non-stopping support from the fans and her teammates and co-contenders.

Meanwhile, it is said that the League Officials have yet to reply to a request for comment regarding this matter.