Gilas Pilipinas forward LeBron Lopez will play for Team Fanning in the coming Overtime Elite league season, under former Maccabi Tel Aviv deputy Tim Fanning.

/ 15 October 2021

Tim Fanning was an assistant coach for Maccabi Tel-Aviv from November 2016 to July 2021, and while forming his squad for the upcoming Overtime Elite League, Lopez will be joined by other sharp prospects.

Jonathan Givony of ESPN reported that the Filipino stalwart Lopez would be playing alongside Amen Thompson, De’Vontes Cobbs, Kok Yat, Tyler Smith, Matt Bewley, Johned Walker, T.J. Clark, and Izan Almansa.

As the OTE Season will open on October 29, other teams were all suited up to showcase their talents and skills in the name of basketball.

Team Fanning is one of three OTE teams for the season, while the other two teams; team Leitao will be handled by former DePaul and Virginia coach Dave Leitao and eight-year NBA veteran Ryan Gomes will guide team Gomes.

The games will commence at Atlanta’s league facility, some away set-up games in North Carolina, Arizona, Ohio, and Florida.

Teams will also compete with prep and postgraduate teams, including Sunrise Christian Academy, Dream City Christian, Hillcrest Prep, Putnam Science Academy, and the Vertical Academy program with five-star Mikey Williams.

“The most exciting part of our schedule is going to be playing each other, getting under the lights in our building,” Overtime Elite head of basketball operations Brandon Williams said.

“We’re not hung up on specific teams right now. The reality is there just aren’t many teams that will look like us. That’s the real challenge in scheduling.”

Meanwhile, Team Leitao has managed to reel Bryce Griggs, Bryson Warren, Ausar Thompson, Ryan Bewley, Jalen Lewis, Emmanuel Maldonado, Jaylen Martin, Davion Mace, and Jahzare Jackson.

Team Gomes squad consists of Jean Montero, Jazian Gortman, Malik Bowman, Dominick Barlow, Alexandre Sarr, Tudor Somosescu, Lewis Duarte, Nathan Missia-Dio, and Jai Smith.

The OTE League series results will be used to determine the standings of OTE Playoffs in late March.

Teams will earn two points for standing with every win in the OTE League Series and one point with victories over prep/post-grad teams.

Points may also be earned by participating in “takeovers,” such as one-on-one challenges, dunk competitions, and three-point shootouts.