Filipino karateka superstar James De Los Santos bags two more big wins in a separate tournament, making it 10 golds all-in-all, getting closer on his journey to reach the top of the world ranking, Sunday evening.

/ 13 October 2020

The 30-year-old karateka star has a high chance of claiming the world number 1 ranking after overpowering world No. 1 Eduardo Garcia of Portugal, delivering an outstanding 24.8-24.5 triumph as the World Karate Federation posted the results late Saturday.

“I’m really happy with winning my 9th gold… and I’m happier with my 10th gold because I won it in the SportData eTournament World Series, the one that mattered the most,” De Los Santos said. 

Eventually, De Los Santos edged out South Africa’s Silvio Cerone-Biagioni, 24.6-24.3, producing yet another performance of Unsu.

Prior to its win, the online kata champion also defeated Luxembourg’s Kevin Petry, 24-22.6, using Suparinpei in the quarterfinals.

In the semifinals, De Los Santos triumphed over Switzerland’s Matias Moreno Domont, 24.4-23.6

The pivoting kick of the Unsu bagged also the gold medal in the Hatamoto Kai Mitad Del Mundo E-Tournament against Murilo Alves of Brazil, 24.6-23.6, last Saturday. 

De Los Santos has now 10 gold medals in his pockets, placing him in a better position in dominating the online karate tourney.

“We trained hard… this is the key to winning the big events. But my journey continues. After winning the SportData eTournament World Series, I am much closer to that spot,” De los Santos said. 

Points in Okinawa and Euro Grand Prix tournaments are yet to be counted.