Kiefer Ravena shared that he is excited to play for Lakestars in Japan B.League and seeks to give the team a championship, and while being nostalgic wearing a blue jersey, he assured a professional competition against his brother Thirdy.

/ 27 September 2021

After an official statement of PBA releasing NLEX-guard Kiefer Ravena from Gilas, Shiga Lakestars immediately welcomed Ravena through its social media pages on Saturday, September 25.

The Filipino guard Ravena, on the other hand, was in a 17-minute online talk and discussed the things people should expect and the things he is excited about. 

The season will begin in October, with the Ravena brothers, Kiefer and Thirdy, representing Lakestars and San-En NeoPhoenix, respectively, facing off on October 3.

Despite the fact that they are brothers, Kiefer assures that a professional game will be played between them and their respective clubs.

“This is a great honor for my family, but when game time comes, it’s difficult because we can’t treat each other as brothers. We have to play against one another just like any other team on any other opponent,” said the 28-year-old Ravena.

At the same time, it is Kiefer’s foremost interest for Lakestars to win and be hailed as champions.

“As brothers, we know we bring out the best in one another. Hope we can do that and provide our team the need for us to win. Definitely, I’ll be doing my best for my team to come out on top.”

Kiefer, who is overjoyed, can’t help but feel sentimental about wearing a Lakestars shirt with the same blue color he wore when playing for Ateneo and Gilas.

“Back when I was in college during my university days, our team color is also blue. And also my club team in the pro, we also wear blue. So I’m used to wearing blue, and I’m excited to wear my jersey with Shiga,” said Ravena.

“As you said it’s a destiny playing for another team that represents team color blue. It’s a new journey for me.”

Kiefer added that adjusting to Japan was not difficult because the country is hospitable and one of the best countries out there, and for now his priority is to give the team a championship.

“Just being excited here, hoping to bring a lot of pride, intensity, heart I can bring for the team and hopefully, get a championship for Shiga,” said Ravena.

“I’m really excited to see where I am as a player and improved even more,” added the Lakerstars’ Asian import. “We have an Olympic coach in coach Torres and I’m just excited to learn from each and every one of my teammates, management, to our staff. Just allow myself to grow with Shiga.”