It is almost been a year since the departure of San Beda’s top general, Evan Nelle, after falling short in the championship game of NCAA Season 95, and finally opened the pandora’s box about his exit in the Lion’s den.

/ 31 December 2020

Nelle suddenly bid farewell to San Beda in January of the year 2019 and shared that it has been a difficult decision to leave especially to the people he built relationships with.

And with that the floor general posted in his official IG account that hanging the red and white jersey is a sign of him leaving his comfort zone, yet it was more than that.

“I never told anyone my side,” Nelle proclaimed.

After the bitter NCAA Final Championship against the Letran Knights, Nelle was as devastated as just his teammate.

“After the game, I went dun sa hallway ng MOA. I was crying. I didn’t do the alma mater kasi sobrang hagulgul ako nun. Coach JB was with me, my parents, the security guard. As in umiiyak talaga ako nun and everyone was talking to me,” he said.

As the rising guard was still sorrowful for the loss and looking for solace, Nelle had received nothing from head coach Boyet but a cold stare.

“I was hearing footsteps on the way back and when I looked up… the coach… Tinignan ako tapos umiling at inirapan ako. Hindi man lang ako kinomfort,” he propounded.

Nelle reminisced how Coach Boyet gave his speech to the Red Lions after the legendary feat of Letran and said his gratitude to the team as well as his say to their gameplay.

“We have this player na hindi masipag, dun umiyak yung coach namin. Yung sacrifices daw namin sayang. Tapos parang pagdating sa side namin, una kasi si Clint e. He is a senior tapos yung speech niya… It wasn’t s***,” as Nelle tried to explain the steam inside the dugout. 

Tapos ako yung last. Immature daw kasi ako. Ako pa nasisi. Tapos naka-head down ako, when he said that I looked up,” he added.

After that Christmas and New Year came but no one greeted him and then the first week of practice Nelle shouldered the cold treatment of both the team and coach Boyet. 

At that time, San Beda was able to have two point guards working on them and Nelle seemed to feel out of place as no one was still talking to him.

“I was already one week out, wala man lang kumusta. They let me walk. Nagpaalam ako sa kanila tapos sabi sa akin, ‘Good luck ah!’” 

“Sobrang badtrip lang ng part na yun. Yun yung one of the reasons I decided to leave,” he concluded.

Nonetheless, it was Calvin Oftana who only knew at that time that he would be leaving San Beda for good.

Alam ko na na aalis siya. Sabi ko pa sa labas, ‘Animo La Salle!’,” Oftana shared.