Bryan Bagunas and several men's volleyball players have created noise on social media regarding the indefinite return of the men's volleyball tournament in the country.

/ 22 January 2022

Taas kamay sa mga napapa sana all sa mga nakikitang news about sa Women’s League sa pinas,” Bagunas wrote on Thursday that went trending on social media. 

The Oita Miyoshi import expressed hope regarding the men’s tournaments having the same social media buzz as the Premier Volleyball League (PVL), which turned professional last year and is set for a three-conference season starting with the Open Conference next month.

The only chance that the male players were given a platform to play was the five-day Philippine National Volleyball Federation Champions League which was held in Lipa, Batangas last November.

Peter Torres, Marck Espejo, and several male spikers soon reacted to Bagunas’ tweet, expressing their hopes and frustrations over the long layoff of the Spikers’ Turf which held its last tournament in 2019. 

Wala naman bago. Kaya nabubulok nalang sa gedli eh,” replied Torres with a face palm emoji in quoting Bagunas’ tweet.

Gagawa na ako team ah kunin kita, ikaw na captain agad! Para kunwari kasali rin tayo haha,” Espejo jokingly wrote. 

Hanggang kailan pa ba tayo mapapasana all… kailan pa kaya marerealize na men’s volleyball deserves so much,“ Villanueva expressed.

Spikers’ Turf tournament director Mozzy Ravena agreed to Villanueva saying, “Agree naman boys. Wait mangungulit tayo.”

Meanwhile, other players such as Jao Umandal, Jayvee Sumagaysay, Wewe Medina, Benok Ancheta also joined the tide with emojis quoting Bagunas’ tweet.

Bagunas, in reply, encouraged his fellow volleyball players to stay patient and keep working hard so the time will come when the men’s game will get the same treatment as the women’s league.

Priii balang araw mapapansin din tayo kulang pa siguro napapakita natin laban lang ng laban,” Bagunas responded to Sumagaysay’s tweet.

“Soon pre mag kakameron din tayo nyan hehe. Tiyaga lang hehe,” he replied to Medina.

On the other hand, head of Sports Vision Ricky Palou told Spin.ph that they are trying to find ways on bringing back their men’s league since only pro leagues are allowed during the pandemic.

Spikers’ Turf did not turn pro last March 2021 as only three out of six-member teams agreed.

“We really would like the Spikers’ Turf to resume its games. However, we’re trying to find out if the IATF, through PSC, will allow amateur leagues to resume its tournaments. As of now, only professional teams are allowed to play,” Palou said.