Converge signed top Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) rookie drafts Jeo Ambohot and Justin Arana to lead FiberXers in the coming years.

/ 28 May 2022

Converge is the newest contender in the PBA Club, having acquired Alaska in a lock, stock, and barrel arrangement last season, which means the team got all of the Aces’ assets, including the players, coaches, management, and staff.

It also meant a fresh start with the FiberXers as the team got hold of third pick overall Ambohot and no. 4 overall selection Arana.

Ambohot—who recently bagged the NCAA Finals MVP as he led the Letran Knights to Season 97 Champions—was accompanied by agent Edgar Mangahas and able to come up with a three-year contract by the FiberXers.

Meanwhile, the 6-foot-5 former Arellano stalwart Arana was signed to a two-year contract with the assistance of his agent, Alvin Torno.

As Ambohot also has a towering 6-foot-6 figure, together with Arana, the number 3 and 4 overall picks will be a great addition to the team.

The FiberXers also obtained two additional first-round selections in separate trades: forward Tyrus Hill and guard Kurt Lojera.