“I think this is the basic players that they have to bring to the Fiba Asia Cup. I said maybe two, three guys to be stronger who will fit the team. Maybe not the best player but the best guys who will fit the team,” said former Gilas coach Rajko Toroman.

/ 3 July 2021

The Serbian coach also shared that coach Tab Baldwin is thinking of signing Thirdy Ravena and two more PBA players to gun the camp. “What I heard, I don’t know if its true or not that Tab Baldwin is thinking about Thirdy Ravena and one more guy. That will be great to make a better lineup.”

Nevertheless, coach Tab averred that he’s not into building a group of individual players but ‘focused on building a team.’

“If they cannot make the time commitment then basically that undermines the strength of this program and that’s the chemistry of the team. So I think everything hinges on that. It hinges on player availability,” he said.

And this was also agreed by coach Rajko saying that “…chemistry is more important than individual quality of the player.”

“I think to find two, three guys who will help the team and the chemistry, that’s it. They are good. They are talented. They will be successful,” coach Rajko added.

On the other hand, despite the Gilas’ upset in FIBA OQT is looking to be back in training after a three-week break.

The young squad will be competing in the FIBA Asia Cup in Jakarta from August 16 to 28.