Before it could even begin; NCAA closes its doors for Coach Ayo

With nowhere to go, former UST Head Coach Aldin Ayo had the NCAA closed its doors at his feet as per the decision of the Management Committee.

/ 18 September 2020

After the issue of Coach Ayo and receiving an indefinite ban from the UAAP, the member school of the Grand Old League has pledged not to hire nor take Ayo on their side of the court.

Although the decision of the committee was not in reliance on the decision of UAAP rather an entirely independent judgment call.

To express the dismay of some athletes who were once under Ayo, former UST star Renzo Subido shared that this highly committed coach will do everything in his power to build a well-equipped team.

“He’s the type of person that if his commitment is at 110%, it’s a must that all his players—the commitment—should be the same,” Subido propounded.

However, the fact remains that he violated the quarantine protocols where 11 of the 17 student-athletes were below 21 years of age.

Nonetheless, with his skills and dedication as a coach, the NCAA committee believes that for at least two years he will be able to be to bounce back and return to the court.

Hindi maiiwasan in a couple of years that a school will try to get his services right?” said one of Tiebreaker Times’ sources, who requested anonymity.

This person also shared that when cadence goes on knocking the door of Coach Ayo they will still decide whether to allow it or not.

Pero when that time comes, we will have to convene as a group to talk about it if we will allow it. Hindi biro ‘yung ginawa niya kasi mga estudyante ‘yung nag-training camp sa Bicol.”

Coach Ayo being a master of mayhem that he is; was also the reason why the Letran Knights bagged the NCAA title in 2015 as well as a championship title for the La Salle Green Archers in his UAAP debut.