After their stint in the 2020 PFL Season presented by Qatar Airways, the star players of Azkals Development Team (ADT) Jarvey Gayoso and Mar Diano landed an offer from Thai Teams.

/ 19 November 2020

“Offers have been made already, I think we need to get Jarvey and Mar Diano out of the country already,” National team manager Dan Palami said.

While head coach Scott Cooper affirmed that two or three teams from Thailand want Gayoso and Diano to be in their respective rosters. 

For which Cooper did not reveal the team name and only identified them as ‘good teams’.

“The Thai teams watched the games and they said they like to see him in an attacking midfield role where I think he finished off the season quite well,” he shared.

Thailand’s football leagues have produced top-tier finest club teams from Southeast Asia and several Azkals players like Patrick Deyto, Patrick Reichelt, Carli De Murga, and Amani Aguinaldo seeing action there.

In addition, Cooper being the proud coach that he is shared that despite the criticisms thrown against Gayoso, he believed that it was all Gayoso’s effort for coming in such a long way.

“So for me, I felt like Jarvey—a great kid, a great attitude, great talent…it was just a matter to segue from that college setup and mindset into a professional level, and showing him what the gap is and where he needs to get to,” he continued.

And the 50-year-old Englishman concluded that knowing that his players are starting to attract foreign interest resolved the idea that his program is starting to materialize and to bear fruit. Hoping for more players to join the ADT.

“The goal of the ADT is to make bright decisions for the player to move them on, so we can bring the next one and we can keep producing like that,” said Cooper.

On the other hand, Gayoso shared that he would not let the opportunity slip around his fingers, but will still continue his studies at Ateneo through online learning.

“If there is an offer then I’d leave as soon as I can,” said Gayoso.