Sports Vision president Ricky Palou announced more than just the shifting of Premier Volleyball League (PVL) to be the first pro volleyball league in the country but also revealed Alyssa Valdez as the founding president of Spiker’s Turf since its revival back in 2018.

/ 15 November 2020

The announcement was made during a virtual press conference Palou hosted with Games and Amusement Board (GAB) chairman Baham Mitra, setting up a plan for the men’s league converting also into a professional league. 

Palou stated that the men’s volleyball league is a separate entity from Sports Vision and its PVL.

What more exciting of a revelation was that he stated that Alyssa Valdez is the president of the said league. 

“Mr. Chairman. Just for your information, the Spiker’s Turf is not under Sports Vision. It’s a different entity altogether. The president is here, Alyssa Valdez is the president of Spiker’s Turf,” said Palou.

Moreover, PVL tournament director Tony Boy Liao revealed that Valdez has taken over the position since the league was registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) two years ago. 

“I think when we registered Spiker’s Turf that was two years ago when we started the league again. We decided to make her the president,” Liao stated. 

Liao shared that her influence and being the top known player in the country was the reason for her to be elected in such a position.

“Because during that time she was the number one and most popular volleyball player in the Philippines. Everyone whether male or female, boy or girl adores her,” he said. 

“At first she didn’t want to accept it because she was afraid that she might not be able to do the job but after a lot of convincing, she agreed. We told her no pressure to be given to her,” Liao continued. 

Her guidance was never publicized but her work has shown that she brought change and success to the league. 

“When we registered Spiker’s Turf with SEC, we didn’t announce it but we just made sure we were officially registered as an entity. As you know, Alyssa has been always very shy, no need for publicity but is a very hard worker,” Liao said.

The six-time PVL Most Valuable Player made an impact on her leadership as the men’s volleyball loaded its popularity with a huge following it received during its last three conferences.

The Spiker’s Turf was also a major aid in establishing the historic podium finish of the Philippine men’s volleyball team during the 30th Southeast Asian Games last year.