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Quaranthings: how athletes remain in condition during quarantine

Quarantine is not an excuse for not staying fit! Seven months of being confined in our houses continue to prove to be a challenge, especially to those who rely on their body as their bread and butter.

/ 15 September 2020

For athletes, being in their tip-top shape is vital—there is absolutely no break in being an athlete. There are plenty of options to stay active outside the gym, from self-made workouts to strength and virtual conditioning from coaches. These athletes view this quarantine not as a break but an opportunity to focus more on one’s health and fitness.

Jaja Santiago

In her recent post on Instagram, the volleyball superstar Jaja Santiago shares how she prepares for another stint in Japan V-league. As the player earned a niche that ended a season with a podium finish, she is expected to play once again for the Ageo Medics. 

“Keeping the body in shape is a must before getting in the game Check out how Cherry Tiggo helped me to made my way into a healthy lifestyle through my eating habits and exercises,” says Santiago on her IG video.

Here are some exercises by Jaja Santiago:

  1. Bent over barbell row
  2. Alternating Row
  3. Back Squat
  4. Overhead Press
  5. Bench Press
  6. Kettlebell training
  7. Hip Thrust

The exercise focuses more on bodyweight sets and weight lifting exercises. 

The volleyball star proves that staying at home is not an excuse for not being in shape, you just need more effort than usual. A little creativity and imagination will help to recreate your small quarantine home workout. 

Alfred Valbuena

According to the HD Spikers star Alfred Valbuena, it is not about perfection but the consistency of how you execute your workout routine. Valbuena is driven particularly about his health and fitness. 

On his Instagram, the volleyball spiker shares his simple home workout routine. Here’s his fitness regimen:

Duration: 30 secs per exercise

Rest: 15 secs 

Sets: 3 per exercise

Laps: 2 per letter

Program A (2 Laps)

  1. Inchworm to 2 Push-up
  2. 3 Ice Skaters + Hop
  3. 10 Mountain Climbers

Program B (2 Laps)

  1. Russian Twist
  2. 3 Squat Pulses, 2 Squat jumps
  3. Elevator Plank

Alfred is one of many others who spend most of their time keeping fit amid these circumstances. The workout was a challenge by the former Ateneo team captain Karl Baysa, which they called their “Home Workout Series”. 

Kalei Mau


Fil-Hawaiian hitter Kalei Mau also did not want to waste time while in quarantine protocols imposed by the government. The spiker had something to offer to health buffs via her own quarantine workout. The F2 Logistics stalwart also shared his workout routine in her Instagram Account. 

Here’s Kalie’s workout, which requires three sets with 12 repetitions per exercise.

  1. Band Glute activations
  2. Band Hip or Glute activation mobility
  3. Band Squat Jumps

4 & 5. Band Ladder Agility

  1. Resistance Band bicep or tricep curls and shoulder flys
  2. Jump rope

“Keep your spirits, hope and health all the way UP,” Mau said. 

This is the time when one should value health above any others. Engaging more on simple yet essential workout routines is a proactive step in motivating others—hopefully, these athletes inspired you to make your quarantine healthier.