22 July 2021

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, July 22, 2021 – FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, together with Junior Achievement (JA) Philippines, announced the winners of the FedEx Express /Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge (FedEx/JA ITC) 2021. The six winning students from three schools will represent the Philippines at the upcoming FedEx Express / JA ITC Regional Finals to be held in August.

The three winning teams to compete at the FedEx/JA ITC in Asia Pacific Finals are:

1. Team Lak Dii

Names: Charlize Amber T. Borromeo, Sofia Luisa C. Victoriano

School: De La Salle Santiago Zobel

Product Presented: Lak Dii, Urdu term which means  “wooden” is  a sustainable footwear that aims to  provide a long-term solution to textile waste, especially to citizens living in Balochistan city (largest but poorest province in Pakistan). The team will utilize the pine tree needles from the country’s local Chilgoza pine, in making the footwear products.

2. Team The Nexus

Names: Princess Cecile F. Gurrea, Mac Angeli Salve R. Ylaya

School: University of San Jose-Recoletos

Product Presented: Naya Chikan Chappal, a convertible white leather sneakers made out of upcycled textiles. The product aims to start a movement to raise awareness and address the growing textile waste problem in Pakistan.

3. Team ShAir

Names: Shanylle Grayse L. Ynayan, Ariette Jezka R. Villanueva

School: Negros Occidental High School

Product Presented: Parabhāvī Skape, an affordable, sustainable, convertible, and reversible multi-purpose product made of organically- sourced cotton that can be converted into a skirt, handbag, and a string backpack.  It is called “A Superwoman’s Cape: The Cape for the Greater Good” because its features are aligned to the social and economic issues of Pakistan.

Since 2009, the annual FedEx /JA ITC has served as a platform for young Filipinos to build their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and learn from successful individuals in the field of business. The program aims to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to think beyond local borders and explore global trade. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s FedEx Express / JA ITC Philippines competition continued in a virtual format, allowing for more participants from across the country to join.

“I am thrilled to see an increase in participation this year and the continued enthusiasm that the students bring to this competition. Exposing students to real-life context and global mindsets is a great way to get them excited about pursuing the path of entrepreneurship. Every year, there’s a wealth of ideas that emerge from the competition and they all have the potential to transform into real world solutions. Over the course of 13 years, the ITC has been an impactful platform for next generation business leaders,” said John Peterson, Managing Director, FedEx Express Philippines

For this year’s local challenge, the students were tasked to devise a Market Entry Strategy Plan (MESP) for a fashion product in Pakistan. A total of 1,548 students from 152 schools nationwide rose to the challenge and sent in their entries. The entries were evaluated by FedEx volunteers to select the country’s top 10, making up the finalists to rival for the top three spots.

As part of the competition, the students showcased their products and highlighted the unique value proposition, marketing and pricing strategies, and the target sales and distribution channels to a panel of judges, led by FedEx Philippines Senior Sales Manager Garrick Thompson. Advancing to the Asia Pacific finals, these winning students will go beyond borders and collaborate with students from other APAC markets such as China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.  All finalists will be randomly paired to form new teams, giving them the chance to work with fellow student achievers from different cultures and incorporate a wider regional view into their final presentations. The students will also meet and learn from FedEx leaders as well as movers and shakers from Asia Pacific.

The FedEx Express / JA International Trade Challenge program is jointly organized by FedEx Express and JA Asia Pacific, a member of JA Worldwide. In addition to supporting young entrepreneurs through JA ITC, FedEx Express is also bringing career and business opportunities to small- and medium- size enterprises (SMEs) around the Asia Pacific region. Read about their efforts in giving SMEs a global platform on the FedEx Newsroom website.

For more information about the JA / ITC Workshop, please visit

Six Filipino students will be competing against other winners from across the Asia-Pacific in the upcoming FedEx/JA ITC Regional Finals.

In photo: (L-R)

  • Competition judges
    • Cristina Llacer-Oreta,  President of e-Methods for Business Management, Inc.,
    • FedEx Express Philippines Sales Manager Anna Marie Liwag-Inawat,
    • FedEx/JA ITC 2021 winner Aljo Benedicto
    • FedEx/JA ITC 2021 winner Raine Nakpil
  • Student winners
    • Princess Cecile F. Gurrea and Mac Angeli Salve R. Ylaya from Team Nexus
    • Charlize Amber T. Borromeo and Sofia Luisa C. Victoriano from Team Lak Dii,
    • Shanylle Grayse L. Ynayan and Ariette Jezka R. Villanueva from Team ShAir
  • Coaches
    • Team ShAir coach Florabel Baruc,
    • Team The Nexus coach Mari Ann Dela Cruz
    • Team Lak Dii coach Teddy Rizza De Castro


Team Lak Dii, consisted of Charlize Amber T. Borromeo, Sofia Luisa C. Victoriano from De La Salle Santiago Zobel, presented a concept for sustainable footwear that aims to provide a long-term solution to textile waste by using pine tree needles.


The Nexus Princess team of Cecile F. Gurrea and Mac Angeli Salve R. Ylaya from the University of San Jose-Recoletos pitched the Naya Chikan Chappal, a convertible white leather sneakers, which raises awareness and addresses the growing textile waste problem in Pakistan.


Shanylle Grayse L. Ynayan and Ariette Jezka R. Villanueva, dubbed Team ShAir, from Negros Occidental High School, presented “A Superwoman’s Cape” an affordable, sustainable, multi-purpose product made of organically- sourced cotton that can serve as a skirt, handbag, and a string backpack.