23 April 2024

Globe, the country’s mobile leader, has significantly ramped up its efforts to combat cyber threats by deactivating and blocking an increasing number of SIMs engaged in malicious activities.

In the first quarter of 2024 alone, the company blacklisted 36,549 SIMs from other networks, a 62% spike compared to the 22,455 competitor SIMs blocked during the same period last year.

The drastic year-on-year increase underscores Globe’s intensified campaign to identify and take down errant SIMs involved in SMS spam blasts, online fraud schemes, and other illicit activities.

Globe also deactivated 841 SIMs from its network in Q1 2024 after they were identified as potential sources of spam or scam SMS, or misuse. This figure marks a 30% year-on-year increase from the 647 Globe SIMs deactivated in Q1 2023.

“We have zero tolerance for abusive SIMs that undermine network security and compromise customer experience. Our accelerated deactivation efforts demonstrate our unwavering resolve to fight these cybersecurity threats head-on,” said Anton Bonifacio, Globe’s Chief Information Security Officer.

SIM abuse cases are detected through Globe’s monitoring systems and customer reports via its Stop Spam portal.  The company promptly deactivates those SIMs to safeguard its customers and service quality.

Given the risk these SIMs pose to personal and financial information, Globe urges customers to remain alert. This includes steering clear of unfamiliar links, disregarding requests for personal details or one-time PINs, and promptly reporting any dubious messages via the Stop Spam portal.

The company’s offensive against compromised SIMs is part of its cybersecurity measures to detect and neutralize malicious SMS traffic more effectively. Globe has also partnered with other industry players including telcos, banks, online retail platforms, and concerned government agencies in threat intelligence sharing.

“Cybersecurity demands continuous effort and investment to stay ahead of emerging threats. Our intensified deactivation of rogue SIMs reaffirms our commitment to delivering a secure and anxiety-free experience for Globe customers,” said Bonifacio.

With a multi-pronged strategy of technological upgrades, industry collaboration, and customer education, Globe seeks to fortify its cybersecurity posture and maintain leadership in protecting consumers from spam, scams, and other cyber threats.

Globe works closely with stakeholders to battle fraud. It has partnered with government agencies, including the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP ACG), to jointly clamp down on fraudsters.  Collaboration with law enforcers has led to successful operations against cybercriminals.

Globe customers may support the campaign against fraud by exercising vigilance and reporting cases via Globe’s Stop Spam portal or the PNP ACG via 0968 867 4302.

Globe also calls on mobile phone users to be wary of emerging fraud tactics occurring outside telco networks, such as scam messages sent via over-the-top messaging apps and spoofing.  There have been rising cases of scams sent via chat apps and spoofing, costing victims their hard-earned money.

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