19 February 2024

FundSpace, a homegrown loan aggregator under 917Ventures, has partnered with Global Dominion Financing, Inc. (GDFI) to empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and individual clients with a diverse range of financing solutions.

The collaboration introduces new loan options with competitive interest rates and flexible terms, broadening both parties’ reach and capacity to meet the varying needs of their customers.

Filipino citizens aged 21-60 years old with proof of income can avail of the following funding options, when eligible:

  • Sangla OR/CR or the Chattel Mortgage Loan (refinancing second-hand vehicles) – maximum loanable amount is PHP4 million
  • Business Real Estate Mortgages – maximum loanable amount is PHP10 million
  • MD/Doctor’s Loans -maximum loanable amount is PHP1 million
  • Auto Loans (financing a brand new car or truck) – maximum loanable amount is PHP3 million

Interest rates can go as low as 0.99%, depending on the loan type.

Applying for a Global Dominion loan is streamlined via the FundSpace website, where applicants can easily 1) fill out their loan details 2) choose GDFI as their partner and 3) submit the necessary documents. The process is designed to be as user-friendly and efficient as possible.

“FundSpace is honored to welcome Global Dominion Financing, Inc. to our platform. Our partnership is grounded on our mutual goal of helping more Filipinos reach their financial goals. We hope that our clients find a great partner in Global Dominion, as much as we have,” said FundSpace Entrepreneur-in-Residence Martin Luchangco.

Melai Felicidario, Chief Operating Officer of Global Dominion, added: “Recently, more and more Filipinos, particularly SMEs, are discovering how access to credit can uplift their lives, and this has been what we have been endeavoring in Global Dominion. We don’t just want to be their financing provider, we want to be their business partner.”

The collaboration also aligns with FundSpace’s mission of enabling financial freedom and empowerment for Filipinos. With Global Dominion’s two-decade legacy in financing and refinancing, and FundSpace’s innovative platform, the partnership is poised to enhance financial inclusion and offer new growth avenues to the people.

To explore new financial opportunities, visit FundSpace at  and learn more about Global Dominion’s  loan options at