Student Vox


/ 4 August 2021

Information has spread like wildfire across the internet. Social media platforms were proven to be next on the list and false information or “fake news” has already been a variant affecting lives globally. These factors are recurring matters that went out of control. You can either live with it or go through it. 

Since the 1900s, it has become difficult to identify the truth behind everything that was posted and edited because of the rise of modern technology. With modern technology, the mastermind could create a bunch of misinformation in order to gain attention or as a money-making scheme to deceive people. The passing of information from one person to another may lead to creating false assertion and reproduction that the ignorant might be drawn to. Obviously, it really is dangerous but is hardly new. If you dig into it, the world revolves around it already. A century has passed and this is something that cannot be fixed. Let me give you an example that has made a frantic uproar from the Filipinos. 

In 2018, someone hung a banner that states “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China” from an overpass at one of the circumferential roads in Luzon, Philippines. This has created various opinions and reactions across social media platforms. Some even created memes and video clips from it that were full of negativity and hatred. As it is known, the Philippines have an ongoing dispute with China over territorial claims in the West Philippine Sea but before the said banner was made public, the decision of the special arbitral tribunal has long been set in 2016, 2 years prior and is in favor of the Philippines. If this was the reason that has led to insulting the Philippines by making that banner, then I guess we don’t have to worry about anything at all because we live in the present and those who still cannot accept the fact that the past has already faded, it’s their loss and not ours. 

As we come to think of it, it’s not a battle nor something to begin with for if we take a look on the map, it is obvious and is something that should not have ignited a disagreement with. With that explained, another one went viral 9 months ago wherein there was a product named Ashley Shine Keratin Treatment Deep Repair posted online which is labeled “Made in Manila, Province of China” and is for some reason related to the first example that I have mentioned before. However, after further investigation, all products that were made from that same store located in Binondo, Manila were labeled the same which only proves that those were intentionally made. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, swiftly responded in Filipino saying that “Ang Binondo ay bahagi po ng Maynila, at ang Maynila ay Pilipinas. Ang Maynila ay kapitolyo ng bansa. Hindi po ito probinsya ng China.” (Binondo is part of Manila and Manila of the Philippines. Manila is the capital of the country. It is not a province of China.) 

Thus, it is widely proven that it is not only used to stir up historical animosity but has already become a habit either to alter the result of elections or mask up corruption and a lot more. The ignorant ones embrace false information and since they are unaware of it, they gain false knowledge that would probably lead to a massive domino effect affecting their beliefs and social interaction. Being filled with false information, leads to manipulating your own self which is not good for that will later on affect your self-identity as well. 

There are some types of misleading news and information not just in social media but across different internet sites. When you hear the word click-bait, those are headlines made from dishonesty to entice its target audience. Another one is called propaganda which is widely used to promote views politically, especially when the election approaches. Next on the list is parody, mostly found in social media sites that aims to publish fake stories for the sake of entertainment. These are just some of the usual and widely used intentional errors globally out of the variety of its branches. 

You might be asking me how an individual spots false information. Well, you should not double-check whenever you read, make it triple-checked rather. The technique is to not look at it twice but rather thrice not with your eyes but focus on possible lies sugarcoated with flowery words or terms used. 

Researching is also part of the process because not everything that you hear outside the comfort of your homes were proven to be true. Check sites on the Internet about the news that you got to assure it came from a trusted source or media outlet. Always be media smart whenever you want to share information or gain more knowledge about a specific topic. 

Social media platforms have already been a “fake den” and it is something that no one can ever take control of which is why we should not believe in everything that we see online for it could take billions of years to really distinguish the whole truth from fiction. You might defend your side by enumerating names of well-known scientists or discuss prophecies that you have read that were proven true both academically and historically, but those were based on hypotheses from generation to generation. 

As we all know, social media and its evolution is staggering and it asks for only one favor which is to have responsible users that would make a good reputation and influence out of it. 

Thus, all we have to do is walk a straight line without being tempted to make u-turns.